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MIXTAPE MONDAYS! THE COME DOWN EDITION with mixtapes from Neighborhood Tapes and The Soft, Tri Angle Records and Evian Christ, Headnodic’s STAR WARS mix, plus a very special Just Like Honey Indie Podcast compilation benefiting Breast Cancer

I’m finally back from my NYC adventure and well, come down is a bitch. Not as bad as expected actually. I genuinely try to live in every moment of my life as much as possible, so my time in NYC couldn’t have been better spent. Now I’m back in Cali-for-ni-A, and I’m feeling invigorated and focused. Ready to keep 2012 going strong. I’ve compiled some really special mixes for your listening pleasure as a result. Enjoy!

Just Like Honey Charity Cover Compilation

Getting from LA to NYC and back involves at least two six hour flights, not to mention the several trips to Philly I took in between. That means a lot of downtime. I only brought one movie for the entire trip, my all time favorite, Lost in Translation. It’s not necessarily ironic, but let’s go with extremely fitting that Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” happens to be the theme song of that movie. Last week the London based indie podcast Just Like Honey dropped an 11 song comp of bands including Keep Shelly in Athens, Shark?, Glisk and Seapony, covering the Jesus and Mary Chain track, all in effort to support the host’s upcoming participation in the London Marathon for Breast Cancer Care. My mom got breast cancer when I was in high school and beat it, so of course this is a cause that is very personal for me. My fave version is by electronic duo Wanda and Wonder. It’s a wonderful comp that you really need to have.

SUPPORT Breast Cancer Care and BUY the compilation HERE.

Neighborhood Tapes Mix 008 The Soft

London electronic producers, The Soft make some of my all-time favorite mixtapes, which have been featured on GITNB before, so I’m pumped they are at it again, this time for one of the coolest new blogs on the scene Neighborhood Tapes.  Their mixes are never too long, have some sick ass transitions, and are a mix of everything you have been wanting to hear. It’s like he lives inside your subconscious and was just waiting for you to ask for something new, to surprise you with this digital goodie bag of musical delights. Best part about it, shit is 100% free. Tracks from MF Doom, James Blake, CFCF, an interesting bassed out Lana Del Rey remix, plus new releases from The Soft himself. Really dope mix.


Evian Christ Kings and Them Mixtape

The latest edition to the dark, draggy drone darlings of a record label known as Tri-Angle Records, Evian Christ finally pieced together all those elusive YouTube videos saturating bandwidths all over the planet, into one dope ass mixtape. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a new venture between oOoOO and Balam Acab. Listen to the loops, the layered female vocal samples, drips and drops and heavy hip hop influence. Also, Evian Christ is definitely a name conjured up as a cheeky pseudonym for some talented producers killing time before their second album drops. Just a hunch.

DOWNLOAD the mixtape HERE.

Headnodic – Funky Star Wars Mix (2012)

Prolific producer Headnodic of Crown City Rockers, The Mighty Underdogs and various other projects just released a funky Star Wars-themed 40 minute mix of moogy, disco, funk and jazz, that is hilariously awesome. This mix will have every musically inclined Star Wars nerds creaming their jorts within minutes. The Find Magazine summed it up best,With spacey classics such as Meco performing ‘Ewok Rap’, and Max Rebo Band doing ‘Lapti Nek’ together with Sy Snootles, this mix is highly recommended to all fans of the Star Wars saga. Big thanks to Headnodic for allowing us to share this mix with you through our Mixcloud channel!” Nerd is the new cool. May the force be with you.


Hardly Art vs 2011 Compilation w/Gem Club, Xray Eyeballs, Jacuzzi Boys, Seapony, Shimmering Stars, The Sandwitches + more

Pop this fantastic compilation courtesy of Hardly Art in your portable mp3 player on your drive to whatever relative’s house you are being forced to visit this Thanksgiving. With so many buzz bands, you’ll be wasted before you even get there. It will make having to hang with your awkward cousin and creepy uncle a lot more bearable.

The mix includes Gem Club, Xray Eyeballs, Jacuzzi Boys, The Sandwitches and the new Seapony. If you live in LA, you might have to listen to this one a couple times before you get through the soul-crushing holiday traffic. Thank god for good music.

This Thanksgiving it’s really about the music for me. It’s like Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

I’m thankful for all the amazing people making the tunes that get me through each and every day. Keep doin’ what your doing. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

Gluttony Is The New Black

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Gluttony Is The New Black Vol II: Accidental Genius

So I live in LA and drive a lot. I accidentally left the light on in my car and killed the battery. When I had my car jumped, my ipod player stopped working. I have yet to fix it.

My solution has been to pretend like it’s 1994 and burn cd’s for my car. I randomly threw this mix together, and I have to say…it’s kind of genius. Don’t believe me? Download that ish here, and see for yourself. Track list below. Holler.

Bury Us Alive Starfucker 

Hot Mess (feat. Elly Jackson) (Duck Sauce Remix) - Chromeo   

That’s My Bitch (feat Elly Jackson) - Kanye West & Jay-Z

Our Thing - Evan Voytas

Glass Deers (Teen Daze Remix) - Braids  

Friend [Lover] - Evenings

All of Us - Painted Palms  

Heat & Hot Water (Birds & Batteries Remix) - ARMS 

Dreaming - Seapony

Party Talk - Craft Spells

Dirty Cartoons - Menomena 

Absence of Light (ft. Tunde Adebimpe) - Maximum Balloon  

So It Goes - Akron/Family   

Beverly Kills - Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti 

In The Fall - Future Islands (Featuring Katrina Ford)  

Redgun - The Forms 

Ghosting - Young Minds

Endless Rain - How to Dress Well 

If I Had a Boat - James Vincent McMorrow 

South Carolina - Tennis

O Seizing the Day O (feat. Luke Jenner Of The Rapture) - Tanlines   

Starfield - PS I Love You 

Around my Head - Cage the Elephant 

Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Yr Heart) - Wavves 

(Photo via Brian Ferry)

Seapony Dreaming

If the Beach Boys were a lo-fi band with a girl lead singer, this is what they would sound like. Is it summer yet? Sigh…\

If you dig this track, check out my latest mix that features Seapony, along with a boatload of other cool new music. Download it here.

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