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αtμ What You Like

Just chopped up and chilled out sex beats. That’s really always been my fave. Now pretend like we’re about to make out in slow motion…

Zodiac Come (feat. Jesse Boykins III) (Video)

Favorite (blatant) sex song of 2012. Obsessed is an understatement. Now for the video. One word, skin. Even if you hate it, the song is too good not to play a few more times. 

If you haven’t already picked up Zodiac’s five-track RnB masterpiece, get it now via Jacques Greene’s ∀ASE.

MIXTAPE MONDAYS: Slowed & Throwed 3: Slow Summer Scissoring

WCW: it’s fucking 2 hours long, like wtf are we doing

Dre: like you need a lot of booze and drugs and a limo

WCW: that’s what we are doing

Dre: if i was fucked up with some friends, no joke, this is what I would put on

I feel like the prettiest girl at the ball. William Cody Watson and Cough Cool’s collab project known as “Scissoring” heard my cries for more hip hop heavy chilled out sex beats and calmed those woes with a mix overflowing with what us old folks call “real rap music” that’s been slowed the fuck down…and they made it JUST FOR ME. It’s really just what the Dr. (Dre) ordered.


Guys do me a favor and get that fucking limo, I’m coming with you…

DOWNLOAD the entire mix HERE.

Slugabed Sex (Video)

As Slugabed puts it, his latest 12” is the “Soundtrack to your nights of digital pleasure-seeking.”  Like a new age update of the Knight Rider theme, or a really really dope Lexus commercial, (I haven’t decided yet) Slugabed brings a funk heavy feel to sexed up computer games to his latest single ‘Sex’. The video for this track is hilarious and combines my love of sex beats and infomercials, so of course I’m all about it. It’s great when artists don’t take themselves too seriously and can fuck around like this too.

The track ‘Sex’ itself is this sweet mix of Chromeo Fancy Footwork vibes, a shitload of 12 year, old 90s era nerds playing Nintendo and PC computer games, plus some serious synth and effects, all piled on top of each other and vaporized. Smooth. Be sure to snag a copy of this release while you can, which includes remixes of the single ‘Sex’ by Daedelus and Groundislava.

Slugabed’s single Sex 12” and digital DL are out now and his debut album Time Team drops 4/20 via Ninja Tune, get em’ all HERE.

Slugabed | Soundcloud | Facebook

Rejected Headlines for Our Story on Vegan Friendly Sex


Earlier we posted about the varying ways in which you can have sex as a vegan. The final headline we used was The Meatless Bone: Vegan-Friendly Ways to Get It On, but we thought we’d share some of the other contenders that were (humanely) killed, just for you, our Tumblr audience:

Cruelty Free Pleasure


Fuck Vegans

No Chicks Were Harmed

Faking It

The Pigless Pork

Doggie-Friendly Style

Me Soy Horny

Pleather to Meet You

Pleather to MEAT You

The Pleather Principle