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Jack Dixon Above From The Below EP Stream

Well you know this was coming. I’ve been tweeting for weeks about the insane freshness that is Jack Dixon. I live in a bubble so have no idea how big that kid is, all I can say is he just produced two incredibly smooth ‘dance like everyone’s watching’ jams that are going to make your summer. The third track is a remix which dropped a few weeks ago and has had everyone’s panties in a sweaty bunch, courtesy of next big thing producer, Dauwd.

What’s so great about this EP is the super smooth production that glides from one transition to the next, wrapping itself around super sexy samples that anyone with a pulse will want to bob their head to. It’s UK Bass lite if you will. You don’t have to be deep into the scene to appreciate a funky bassline, smooth breaks with a sound that tickles your ribs until you can’t help but start moving. Dance floors this summer are sure to be drenched in Jack Dixon’s latest. You bedroom, office, living room and next party should be too.

Above From The Below EP is out now via Skint Under 5’s, get it HERE.

Jack Dixon | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Jack Dixon Lose Myself (Dauwd Remix)

You realize this is what lesbians are to frat boys.

There are a handful of producers out there that I am chomping at the bit to hear more from, and Jack Dixon and Dauwd happen to be two of them. When they remix each other, well it’s like watching your two favorite female celebs make out in front of you. Or whatever version of that fantasy that does it for you. But you get my point, everyone gets wet. This is the bonus track from Jack Dixon’s upcoming April 30th release that everyone has been waiting to hear. Funky. Sexy. Deep. Loved it after listen #1.


1) Lose Myself
2) I’m Never Right
3) Lose Myself (Dauwd Remix)

Above From The Below EP drops 4/30 via Skint Under 5’s, get it HERE.

Jack Dixon | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter