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SXSBest Week Ever: Diary of Indie’s Favorite Party Girl SXSW 2012 Wrap Up: Tuesday

With one of the best SX’s behind me the inevitable wrap up post(s) are probably ripping through your tumblr feed like a shit faced drunk girl at the 24 hour pizza joint, which can be funny but also a bit much, especially since it’s only 10:30pm. This bitch isn’t allowed to take shots anymore. So in the spirit of keeping things like SXSW, shorter than usual but still amazing, sensory overload and so much fun to take part in, I decided to create a very Dre style rating system for each day, include the TOP pictures and quotes from the week, and of course all of the music that made my SXSBest Week Ever.

If you saw my massive Guide to SXSBest Week Ever mixtape, I’ll tell you upfront there were a handful of bands from the list I was extremely excited I was able to see, a few pleasant surprises, and only one or two flops. Overall I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible experience, with particular attention to the countless number of awesome people I got a chance to hang with, people that run my favorite music outlets, labels, venues, as well as the artists themselves. That’s really what SXSW 2012 was about for me, spending time with the people I love. No “Get To Know Your Neighbor” this week, instead welcome to an inside peek at SXSW 2012 through the Diary of Indie’s Favorite Party Girl. Enjoy!

Hot N’ Ready House 2012 SXSBest Recipe 4 A Successful Week:
EOTB (Peter)
¼ Phantom Kicks (Tanner)
½ IGIF (Conor)
Small Plates Records (Conor and Eamon)
Dailybeatz (Chris)
Epicsauce (Kevin)
1 Hawt photographer babe (Jenna)
3 bags vodka soaked Gummy Bears courtesy of GITNB/The 405 SX Correspondent (Me)

Shake, stir and add any combination of music and parties that you so desire. Results may vary but guaranteed to be fucking great.

Sidenote: For every day that my voice diminished, the number of Hot n’ Ready’s in our apartment increased. By the last night we looked like an episode of Hoarders, it was gross.


The Cloud Lounge Happy Hour at The Belmont

Highlights: Free hard alcohol, networking and hanging out with my boss (Shuffler.fm)

Prefix/Pianos Party @ Club Deville

Acts I saw: Tiny Victories, Exitmusic, New Moods, Gardens & Villa,
Party favors: Gin and sodas
Voice %: 98
Highlights: Exitmusic, Hot chick from Young Magic in New Moods,

Pitchfork Interactive Closing Night SXSW Party
Acts I Saw: Matthew Dear
Party Favors: Needed to focus on the music
Voice %: 75
Highlights: Matthew Dear, chatting it up with Star Slinger, hotel party with tequila shots immediately following this show

Daily Recap:
Hot n’ Ready slices consumed: 0
Taco Bell Products consumed: 0
Party favors: Margaritas, gin and sodas, tequila shots, tv dinner from the Hot N’ Ready freezer
Voice %: 75
Highlights: Exit Music, Hot chick from Young Magic in New Moods, reuniting with friends, Club Deville is the shit, Somehow getting into the Pitchfork party to see Matthew Dear-he fucking killed it, man is a dancing machine.

Top Quotes:
“I feel like they should do SXSW a couple times a year.”
"Day #1: 3:45am Voice %:19%"