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DJ Q Closer Than Close

Another glittery holiday gift from Fact Mag’s Advent Calendar. I’d listened to DJ Q’s BBC Radio 1xtra UKG show before, but this is the first time I’ve really dug into his actual music. He brings such an amazing energy to a classic Detroit house sound. He literally transports you to another time. Loving it. 

DJ Q’s EP, Party Time (best EP title ever) drops Jan 13th. Pre-order HERE.

Unknown New #54

OMG. The rippling piano keys, jazzy, thumping bass, layers of percussion snippets, plus that insanely infectious looped vocal sample. Then it gets heavy, dirty and transforms into my favorite kind of grime. This track is just too much.


The latest in the Unknown series, check out previous tracks on their Soundcloud and Facebook.

Tufo Leadlights (Video)

Ugh. Is that amazing party everyone can’t wait for finally here yet? So we can clink over-filled glasses of champagne, take pills that make us feel like the world has wrapped it’s tongue around our bodies and could swallow us whole at any second, and dance until the sun tells it’s time to find another way to enjoy the early morning light? Oh and throw this track on while all of that happens. K, thanks.

TUFO’s EP is out now via Rush Hour. It’s amazing, go get it.

(Hat tip to the homie, Huck Kwong for showing me the light)

Jack Dixon Sequin (Original Mix)

Off Jack Dixon’s 1 EP. DL or stream highlights HERE

Pedro 123 Coolant VIP

I needed some VIP in my life today, especially in the form of a free download. This VIPness gets all kinds of filthy. Maybe one day we can all join together as one nation, under grime, with pulsing basslines and fancy clicks for all. I would pledge to that.

Pedro 123’s Swap Numbers EP is out now via B.YRSLF Division.

(p.s. There’s a video for this track, but it’s weird and kind of boring, and I didn’t feel like including it.) 

Shadowchild 23 (ft. Tymer)

Yes. Yes. Yes. Get me in a fucking dingy, sweaty club somewhere in Europe and turn this shit up. Ugh. Shadowchild just won’t quit with those filthy UK garage, house-laced beats. Literally the month of November should just be dedicated to him. If you don’t have his Shadow Child EP or Phil Collins, his collab release with Tom Flynn, get them, cuz the track above is just a lil’ taste.

'23' is the first cut off Shadow Child's just launched label, Food Music, with the tagline, “If only audio this good was edible.”

I’ll take two. 

Lukid Riquelme

Lukid has quickly become one of my favorite artists of 2012. Between his Arclight project that was lucky enough to be the first release on Jacques Greene’s Vase imprint, to his stellar Werk Discs release, It’s Lonely At The Top, I’ve had no choice but to continue to slip deeper into the world that is Luke Blair. 

The video for ‘Riquelme’ is kind of perfect, especially with that ending. He’s just making sure you’re paying attention when he makes that cheeky exit that he knows you won’t forget. It’s weird and fucked but that’s how I like it I guess. 

Physical Therapy’s This Mix Is 4 U for Dazed & Confused

GITNB’s Acts To Catch at CMJ 2012: Physical Therapy

This is one mix that I throughly enjoyed from start to finish. It’s not everyday you get a ‘drum n’ space’ take on Shyne, a severely screwed Backstreet Boys edit alongside The Knife, Common and Supreme Cuts, plus Evy Jane, new versions of PT’s own tracks and a slew of other yacked up tracks that will conjure up this kind of ‘fuck yes, this is exactly what I needed’ kind of nostalgia. 

I can’t say I absolutely loved Physical Therapy’s Safety Net EP, but I can say I love the way he samples and then samples again, turning familiar jemz inside out with a signature garage-heavy, fast tempo fury that makes me want to turn that shit up a little louder. Plus ‘Drone On’ is such a catchy five minute wonderment.

Also, extremely interested in catching Daniel Fisher’s live set, after seeing him on the Boiler Room. He brings an energy, that unlike most of the recent guests on BR, armed with Kanye’s “Mercy” (RL Grime/Salva remix of course) and plenty of Aalyiah/Beyonce/Whitney edits, I have a hunch Fisher will bring a less ubiquitious, more purposeful and musically exploratory set to CMJ 2012. Then again, at 2am maybe all we want is over-sampled Beyonce edits. Fuck me.

Download the mix HERE

If you are in NYC next week, go see Physical Therapy.

Clueless Build

LifeCrushed Brian said I had to, and when LifeCrushed Brian says something, you listen. It’s just so smooth. You won’t be disappointed. 

Clueless just dropped his EP Griswald House via Frijsfo Beats, get it HERE.

Clueless | Soundcloud | Facebook

P.S. love calling him “LifeCrushed Brian” like wtf is that?

One Dark Martian Falling (Todd Edwards Dub)

I actually don’t really know what I stumbled into with this EP, but so far I like what I hear, so I’ll take two, (just to be safe). I expect nothing less than stupendous when it comes to Todd Edwards, so I’m not really surprised. Yes, drunk blogging, so sorry if this drags on like the last time your Miller High Life wore off too quickly at your sister’s middle school, outdoor graduation. I know, it’s fucking hot and you’re dehydrated. It sux but deal with it because it’s almost over, and your friend works at the restaurant your parents booked for the after grad celebration, so there’s more booze to be had, or snuck rather.

This track is a hyped up dance party for the ages with lots of uk funky vibes, jazzy percussion notes and flecks of fat bottomed soul. Soultrain on crack.

Get One Dark Martian’s Falling EP via Top Billin’ HERE.

One Dark Martian | Facebook | Bandcamp