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Slow Magic Moon

"To celebrate this magical 11/11/11 (and the full moon) a special song came to me.

please enjoy this song with someone and the moon.”

Too kewt to not post this. I have no idea what 11/11/11 is supposed to mean, but I do like moons and stars, plus glittery, sparkly things.

DOWNLOAD Slow Magic “☾” HERE.

BONUS: Slow Magic Feel Flows (Giraffage Remix)

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CO-PREMIERE: AURAL BURROWS Gravitron EP Release + mp3

The homie Erik of Housewarming Records sent over his label’s latest release Aural Burrows, that drops today, and I’ve got to say, I’m diggin’ it a whole mess load. The lovely blog Crack in the Road and GITNB have the pleasure of co-premiering this fantastic new release for y’all.

Hailing from San Antonio, TX and initially drawing comparisons to Dirty Beaches and Suicide with his sultry, lofi vocals, washing over shoegaze with a wave of melancholic surf-pop is Tim Brown’s solo project known as Aural Burrows. Heavy guitar riffs layered with ambient synths, and airy reverbed effects on the drums, transport you to a tiny London studio circa 1985. To say Aural Burrows is an update on so many of shoegaze’s superstars is an understatement.

Gravitron is one of those EP’s that makes you want to hop in your convertible with just a guitar and the open road. Go where ever the wind takes you. Stand out tracks are "By Your Side" and "Gravitron." With every listen this EP unfolds more and more. This is one you don’t want to skip.

DOWNLOAD "Gravitron" mp3 HERE.

DOWNLOAD Aural Burows’ Gravitron EP zip file HERE.

Housewarming Records, is also home to IVVVO, Stoner Showers, Jamie Issac, Wealth and Grandpa Was Lion. Check them out HERE.

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Gathered Ghosts Feels Like Nothing

Washington’s Gathered Ghosts is super fuzzy shoegaze love songs, heart wrenching melodies, sadness wallowing, guitar riffs that tickle the hairs on the back of your neck, all in such a subtle way you won’t notice the amount of emotion creeping over until it’s too late.

Somewhere between Tears for Fears, The Cure, Conor Oberst, and well Craft Spells, Gathered Ghosts' the side project of Craft Spells member Javier A. Suarez is nothing short of a pleasure to listen to. I’m absolutely enamored. Stream the entire mess above.

DOWNLOAD "Feels Like Nothing" HERE.

Snag Gathered Ghosts self-titled EP for FREE from their Bandcamp HERE.

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#2 SLOW MAGIC Feel Flows

Possibly a glimpse into the master of mysterious, Slow Magic’s world. Or maybe not, maybe it’s all found images. Regardless living in a neon world can’t be that bad. GREAT track too. This jam is definitely the funkiest, of the spaced out variety Slow Magic has dropped thus far. Make that magic real slow bb.

Get Slow Magic’s “Feel Flows” from his Bandcamp. He also has an upcoming tour with Selebrities, so stay tuned.

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Dreams Our Theme Song

First day of CMJ was unreal. Thank you to all the bands and everyone who came out for my first showcase. So much fun. Just like the latest release from Absent Fever.

I suck at blogging today cuz I’m overwhelmed with CMJness, but all I can say is, if you don’t hate fun you will dig this Dreams. Big time. Watch the video for “Feelings 4 U” below. Party on Wayne.

DOWNLOAD "Our Them Song" HERE.


Get Dream’s entire EP from Absent Fever’s Bandcamp.

Abadabad Indiana

The homie Jimmy Morris of Head Underwater premiered a brand new Abadabad track today, and the first thing that came to mind when I heard that track was FINALLY. The soul dripping brilliance behind Abadabad is Knoxville, TN’s Jeremy Lee Given, who’s southern roots have been breaking hearts and wetting beds all over this past year, with his incredible solo record Old Flames.

Abadabad’s latest track, “Indiana” is the musical progression of Jeremy’s work as an artist. From Abadabad’s start as a sleepy, pop-heavy bedroom project into a five piece full-on indie rock band with an updated take on vintage analog, and Jeremy’s vocals leading Abadabad’s songs into my heart. Killin’ it. Definitely an artist to check out at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.


Check Abadabad’s FB page for CMJ dates and lots of random.

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fthrsn So Long

I wish I wasn’t so aloof when it came to bloggers, but I am, so I end up looking like a noob when I find out that blogs like "Awesome Tapes From Africa" are actually about music from Africa, and not just a clever name. It’s a similar situation with this fthrsn.

Dude blogs that shit up for the site Zen Tapes, while also making spaced out, do wop melodies with a crunchy bite that keeps his tunes from sounding like a 3rd graders lullaby (totally ok btw). Or maybe I just made that up too.

Speaker Snacks, is another cool blog that I recently discovered, behind this year’s Gold Rush Music Fest, and apparently frthsn’s album’s release. Think I need to stop re-reading my old blog posts and get hip to this shit.

I’m totally going to be that blogger that fthrsn doesn’t make friends with at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. It’s cool, I dont’ like fun anyways.


Get fthrsn’s EP Hysteria from his Bandcamp.

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SupermarketLove Close But No Cigar


Hailing from Orange County, California, the duo SupermarketLovemake beautifully fuzzy electronic tunes, that unlike a lot of the new electro coming out that is either super experimental and borders on making you want to rip your ears from your head, these guys walk a fine line of dreamy, intricate percussion weaved together with hard hitting base and  that holds your attention the entire time.

They like to make trippy videos too. Watch "Love 2Look4" below.

DOWNLOAD "Close But No Cigar" HERE.

Check out more SupermarketLove on their Soundcloud and Website.

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