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L’homme Aux 4 Lettres Kimono

Point Point collective’s L’homme Aux 4 Lettres introduces us to part one of four of the group’s new conceptual project: the vibrant single, “Kimono”.

A few weeks ago, mysterious French production crew Point Point unveiled their first single “Life in Grey.” This week, they’re back with a fantastic conceptual project building off the success of their debut track.

Essentially telling the story of how the group collaborates to create one unique sound, in the coming weeks the four members of Point Point will each drop a freshly produced new cut. After the four tracks have been debuted, they will then build a new track incorporating the four singles.

First up is producer L’Homme Aux 4 Lettres with “Kimono.” Rhythmic drum beats meet wild, dancing synths as rays of electronic sunlight trickle down in a dramatic fashion. It’s a body of pulsating energy subtly exhaling in the most worldly of directions.

We can’t wait to see how these elements get incorporated into the finial product, so stay tuned!

Dark0 Chaos 

And suddenly grime is popular… grime 2.0 that is. Not the dark electronic music of east London that’s been around for decades. Grime— known for unforgiving breaks, hollowed percussion sounds and an underground scene perfectly content with existing solely below surface level. No, that’s not really the grime I’m referring to. If you didn’t already know, there’s a new grime in town, one that feels lighter, and more approachable.

One of the best examples of this new type of grime, is London producer Dark0. His new single, “Chaos,” off his forthcoming EP is danceable grime that feels almost spritely. The full track is exploratory and really fantastic in this kind of spacey video game way (minus the cheesy video game synths). Fact Mag has the first listen of the entire track, which you should most definitely check out HERE

Dark0’s Sin EP is due out on April 25 on Visionist‘s Lost Codes label.


When most people think of music from Barbados, a scantily clad Rihanna comes to mind. Turns out she’s not the only game in town. 18-year-old Barbados native, rapper Haleek Maul has been making waves these past few years dropping his well received debut mixtape on MISHKA, and collaborating with the game’s hottest up-and-coming producers like Supreme Cuts, Hot Sugar, and Forest Swords. The rapper, known for his raspy words that evoke as much restraint as they do bite, recently started a collective of artists in Barbados called On The Tanz.

Maul says the collective is, “Mainly aimed towards promoting new taste in music and art on the island because it’s pretty stagnant here in that regard.” There’s also plans to release original content from the crew’s members in addition to putting on parties and shows on the island. The first official product from On The Tanz comes in the form of a sweet little mix that you can stream and download below.

PC Music x DISown Radio ft. A. G. Cook, GFOTY, Danny L Harle, Lil Data, Nu New Edition and Kane West

If you live in New York, you already know DIS Magazine is the coolest thing to happen to American culture since…ever? Well they’ve teamed up with Red Bull Studios and that new label everyone is talking about, PC Music. Mind blown. This mix says it all. 

DIS Mag has taken over Red Bull Studios to present DISown a kind of installation art, music and retail space complete with live radio broadcasts (with special guests), live screenings, cocktail events and dance parties (obvi).

If you enjoyed this mix as much as I did, you can listen to DISown Radio every Sunday from 2 EST or check it out live at the studios at 220 W 18th Street, NYC.

Setlist (Kind of):

00:00 - A. G. Cook @agcook
10:00 - GFOTY @gfoty
20:00 - Danny L Harle @dannylharle
30:00 - Lil Data @lil-data
40:00 - Nu New Edition @???
50:00 - Kane West @kane-west-official

Visuals by Kim Laughton

p.s. If you guys read this and you’re looking for interns I’m your slave girl.

Point Point Life In Grey

Paris’ underground producer scene is bursting with guises like Point Point, who have dropped their first single, “Life in Grey”, to celebrate.

If you like Cashmere Cat, the Paris party scene and/or Jersey Club edits, you’re going to love Point Point. The group made up of producers, AAZAR, DEVOTED.TO.GOD, L’HOMME AUX 4 LETTRES and NOMÄK have been promoting a new night… wait for it, “DAMN SON” at Paris’s coolest underground, The Social Club. If you look back through the archives of 2012 you’ll remember that’s where DJ SLOW and his Pelican Fly imprint first gained notoriety. Still not making the connection? Cashmere Cat’s Mirror Maru was released on the label in October of that year.

Though it’s not clear which of the four producers (or possibly all of them) are making those punchy, almost du-wop sounding synths sing, regardless, we like it. Distorted screeches and pulses of pitched vocals threaten a drop that never comes. Instead, it leaves you bobbing your head and getting all gushy as you press the “send” button on FB chat announcing your feelings for your latest internet boo. Crazy love.

BOK BOK featuring KELELA Melba’s Call

The jam I’ve been obsessing over the past few weeks, ‘Melba’ now gets a proper visual accompaniment. The label behind my latest infatuation, Night Slugs along with signee Kingdom’s Fade to Mind imprint have been leading the way for a new sound to break through, one that combines girmey cold breaks, and R&B, while adding punchy, (often synth), elements to give their tracks this epic dance feel that just screams “give me a music video.”

Well Night Slugs labelhead Bok Bok heard those cries and is back with a video for his collaborative new single with a 2013 fave, Kelela. I profiled the singer in my CMJ Preview last year and said, Her melodic progressions draw you in and string you along as her musical prose unfolds. She encompasses a sultry mix of Aaliyah drawls and Janet Jackson’s strong feminine aesthetic  that makes her one of the most exciting new acts in the game.

Now that you’re property lubed up, go ahead and press play and enjoy the ride.

SCNTST 60 Minute Boiler Room Berlin Mix

One of my favorite producers this past year has been German based, techno whiz kid, SCNTST. His Boiler Room Berlin mix just went up on Youtube and I am loving every second of it.

If you haven’t checked out his 2013 Self Therapy LP, you’re slacking. 

Other People’s Poetry: Larry Gus

There’s a line from the movie Hi-Fidelity that comes to mind every time I try to make a mixtape. Something Rob says, “Now, the making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art. Many do’s and don’ts. First of all, you’re using someone else’s poetry to express how you feel. This is a delicate thing.” Delicate yes, but sometimes easier than expressing one’s true feelings. After all, a well-made mixtape can communicate almost anything: I’m sorry, I love you, I miss you, I want you back, I want out, I’ll never forget, remember when, and on and on and on.The best compilations are those composed with a specific recipient in mind. Someone to sing over the oldies, dance to the hits, laugh at the inside jokes, and wonder how many -if not every- song is really all about them. These mixtapes are from the artists to whomever, whoever, and whatever they want, and they are mixing other people’s poetry to them. Read & listen.


 Last week Yours Truly premiered the video for Larry Gus’s ‘The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep),’ and today we bring you a letter and mix from the producer behind all that fantastic, psychedelic-laced dance music. Gus pens a handwritten note to more than a few artists’ one true love, their machine. His letter includes the tracklist to his dreamy mix of funky disco enchantment and 70s lava lamp inspired original, exclusive and unreleased tunes and edits, all of which seem to melt into one another effortlessly.

Larry Gus’s Years Not Living is out on limited edition white vinyl and digitally, August 19th via DFA.

Yours Truly Premiere: Larry Gus The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep)

The phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, isn’t one often associated with sounds. Yet the advancements in electronic production have allowed artists to re-appropriate sounds, turning something old, into something completely new. Most often, what’s lifted from these samples is more than just sounds, it’s sentiment, relating to time and place. DFA signee, Greek producer Panagiotis Melidis, under the guise Larry Gus, constructs this wildly controlled erraticism out of these gems from music’s past. Like an orchestra conductor leading a procession, this strangely psychedelic, disco noir of neatly stacked accolades rises up from the thousands of samples and channels lighting up the electronic orchestral pit below.

Inspired by the work of Madlib, Gus’s organized mess of high shrilled vocals, rumbling guitar hooks, and layers of vintage tinged percussion, conjures up comparisons that stretch the genre gamet. The lovechild of DJ Koze and Peaking Lights, seen through the fragmented glint of a disco ball sparkling high above, Gus’s Years Not Living transcends labels and focuses almost completely on mood.

In the accompanying video for ‘The Night Patrol’, a smoke filled zombie disco is taking place; nestled within your subconscious between the folds of sleep and awake. And the beauty of it all is the individual connection each of us has to the oddly melodic, origami of sounds seeping through blaring speakers and running their hollowed words through our hair. Neither coming nor going, we hover above the impending moment, imbibing every second.

Larry Gus’s Years Not Living is out on limited edition white vinyl and digitally, August 19th via DFA.

Duck House Run

One of my absolute favorite discoveries of 2012. Duck House is the side project of this pop band called The Cads. It’s always funny when the side project ends up being so much more interesting than the main project. When I wrote about them a while back I described them as, ‘Sexy, funk-splashed harmonies do a lil’ dance for a rhythm section cloaked in a synth-haze afterglow.’

Side projects are the new black (2012).