Hi, I'm Andriana, but my friends call me Dre. Just a fan, with an ear for what's good. Coming up in tha game just in time to get old and die.

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WaxPoetics DOPE Digital Cassette December 2012 Side A

This is so dope. Lol. But, like, fa reals.


“Models Can’t Fuck” - Young Whisper
“Casanova. (Radio Single).” - Denitia & Sene
“Sour Times (Portishead Cover) - Cheri Coke
“Home” - Kiah Victoria
“Bend Out” - Young Voice

They make this shit look easy.

Last Night Was Legendary x WaxPoetics 

"Seize ideas as they come for inspiration is as fleeting as a bird". -by David Blue Garcia

featuring Blake Buesnel and Stephanie Hunt

music by Brian Satterwhite

thanks to Richard Reininger and Chad Leathers

Shot entirely using still frames. Canon 7D.

Muti Randolph…Audio-visual masterbuilder. Genius. Visionary Physicist Extraordinaire.

Location: Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Profession: Multimedia artist, set designer, lighting engineer
Notables and Affiliations: Designed the famed D-Edge nightclubs in São Paulo and Campo Grande; conceptualized and built Galeria Melissa in São Paulo

So far one of my favorites in the Creators Project series