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Au.Ra Sun

I wrote this for The Line of Best Fit today. Digging these guys so hard.

Our latest infatuation,  Au.Ra effortlessly strike a balance between dreamy and atmospheric guitar rattles, and just the right amount of reverb on their first single, ‘Sun.’ Australian and English duo, construct what feels like worldly guitar pop, with a lackadaisical exuberance that lifts you up and carries you away into it’s brightness. Twinkling bits of life come fluttering in to the crevices of my hardened and blackened heart, and yet fade back out just as quickly. Fleeting bliss.

Get ‘Sun’ for free from Au.Ra’s SoundCloud.

GEMS All I Ever

GEMS have quickly becoming my new obsession. In my previous post on the DC duo, I described them as, ‘Beach House took comfort in the warming glow of Peaking Lights’ weird vibes, while they channeled the ghosts of Fleetwood Mac and promised they would never fight the darkness again.’

It feels like murmuring drops of twinkling disco ball light are cascading down from the ceiling and catching just right, every time you look at me…in 1964. 

I fall more in love with GEMS with every listen. 

Blasé Mouths

"Blasé is a super secret super new solo act from Boston, Ma.  I’ve played in bands  my whole life and sometimes I write songs that I instinctively feel selfish about. I’m not sure if it’s in fear of change or what but usually I would tuck them away in a folder on my desktop, but I also feel music should be shared. I want these songs to rely on emotions rather than who I am or what bands I’ve been in or how many likes on Facebook. I want people to be spontaneous, rely on instinct. "

Gems Void Moon

Beach House took comfort in the warming glow of Peaking Lights’ weird vibes, while thay channeled the ghosts of Fleetwood Mac and promised they would never fight the darkness again. This blend of styles and sounds is infectious. I think this is my new favorite band (besides Teen Mom).

When I first heard Gems, all I could think was, “Omg, this is such a Jimmy Morris band.” They also happen to be from DC (where Head Underwater is based). Too good.

Get this track from Gems’ Bandcamp.


Experiments in love and synth via teens in Brooklyn.

Get Yume’s lovely EP Dreamt of U, from his Bandcamp and check out his tunes on his Soundcloud.

(via Josh Dalton’s Private Sex Playlist)

Cloud Carrier Sun & Moon

I dig this a whole bunch. Simplicity and restraint are done just perfectly. If you have to make dream pop, this is what it should sound like. And I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something familiar about Cloud Carrier. ;)

Cloud Carrier | Bandcamp | Facebook 

Fantasy Island Avenue Single + Breaking A Heart Video

Being a little late to the game when it comes to Chatsworth, California project Fantasy Island, I am just starting to dig into their creative genius. I had seen the name Fantasy Island drifting through the blogosphere before, but then again there are so many magical fantasies, filled with islands of teens and the youth, blissing about the netz right now, it’s hard to keep them straight.

But when someone hits you up on Facebook, you listen. Actually that’s not true at all, Facebook has become a wasteland of missed connections and casual encounters. Miraculously, Alex Jacob of Fantasy Island and I were able to connect just long enough for a few of his tunes to slip through the cracks and into my library. It was only when I dug a little deeper did I realize the importance of this conversation. After asking the stupid question, “Have you heard of Therapies Son?” only to answer my own question minutes later, (“Oh, you are Therapies Son.”) did I realize Fantasy Island is definitely one to pay close attention to.

Therapies Son is one of the most talented, uncomparable and underrated bands in Los Angeles right now. I caught their awkwardly brilliant live show a few months ago, and you could hear and feel the ingenuity dripping onto the stage, reverberating through the walls and infiltrating it’s way into the hearts of everyone listening. I have a hunch this project will be just as stellar.

Fantasy Island’s sound is a blend of dreamy Rolling Stones-equse rock, and funky bass lines coupled with Therapies Son’s signature vintage soul vibe that could be mistaken for a recording from the late 1950s. Truly great stuff. Fantasy Island is a highly recommended name to watch in 2012.

Watch Fantasy Island’s video for "Breaking A Heart" below:

Buy Fantasy Island’s Double A-Side Single ‘Avenue’ And ‘Evergreen’ On Hand Numbered, Sealed, Black Vinyl 7”. via Strollon Records HERE.

Fantasy Island | Facebook

Radiation City Babies (PoPoPePe Remix)

Budz Radiation City are back on tour, and have released a dope lil’ remix to celebrate. In case you live in a cave without a solid wi-fi signal, Rad City is known for blending vintage Latin inspired sounds with 50s dream pop nostalgia. So a remix of their tunes is not a simple feat.

Newcomer on the the the scene, PoPoPePe’s remix of “Babies” keeps just enough of the original elements in tact while creating an entirely fresh tune. I love how he chopped up the vocals, and made the guitar strings twinkle, while wrapping the entire track in a soft glow. I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything quite like it. Really beautiful.

Listen to the remix above and the original track below.

December Tour Dates:

4th 9pm Sam Bond’s Garage Eugene, OR

5th 9pm Luigi’s Fungarden Sacramento, CA

6th 9pm Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA

7th 9pm Tin Can Alehouse San Diego, CA

8th 9pm The Satellite Los Angeles

9th 9pm Cafe Coda Chico, CA

10th 9pm Doug Fir Portland, OR

DOWNLOAD "Babies (PoPoPePe Remix)" HERE.

Radiation City | Muxtape | Apes Tapes | Facebook

Abadabad Indiana

The homie Jimmy Morris of Head Underwater premiered a brand new Abadabad track today, and the first thing that came to mind when I heard that track was FINALLY. The soul dripping brilliance behind Abadabad is Knoxville, TN’s Jeremy Lee Given, who’s southern roots have been breaking hearts and wetting beds all over this past year, with his incredible solo record Old Flames.

Abadabad’s latest track, “Indiana” is the musical progression of Jeremy’s work as an artist. From Abadabad’s start as a sleepy, pop-heavy bedroom project into a five piece full-on indie rock band with an updated take on vintage analog, and Jeremy’s vocals leading Abadabad’s songs into my heart. Killin’ it. Definitely an artist to check out at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.


Check Abadabad’s FB page for CMJ dates and lots of random.

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Wintercoats Working On A Dream

Congrats to Wintercoats, Cascine, and Feel Good Lost on this incredibly heart-wrenching new endeavor. Without even seeing Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson‘s stunning video, Wintercoats new single, "Working On A Dream" evokes a Peter Pan-like feeling of fantasy and desire. The strings in the track are like hundreds of tiny fireflies dancing over a moonlit night. Feel Good Lost’s video brilliantly brings these inclinations to life. Incredibly excited to hear this album.

Wintercoats album is due out 9/27 via Cascine.

(Premiered today via International Tapes)

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