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Best New Music: Moiré No Gravity

Werkdiscs is always a win in my book. The Ninjatune imprint headed by avant-garde music gawd Actress, signs one new act a year at most, and then takes several more years to allow that artist to develop and showcase their craft. Their latest signee, Moiré is on the top of the creative-brilliance-in-the-making foodchain. His work is unconventional beauty at it’s finest. Don’t sleep.

Jmzs Smith Sex & Cigarettes

A smoke filled haze wafts into a small, windowless room, filling the air with a thickness that has you gasping for breath the moment the first words are spoken. But there’s an easiness to Jmzs Smith’s weathered, crackling drawls, like slowly running your fingers along a tattered and worn page of history. Heavy cello thumps act as a bassline that whirls around keyboard notes all covered in a blurred gauziness that makes you wonder if this can be real life.

In the vein of Bill Callahan and Dirty Beaches, and with a moody soulfulness, the New York resident captivates listeners with his brooding, relaxed sound. Be sure to grab Jmzs Smith’s two track EP Sex & Cigarettes on digital or cassette via Super Boring Music, and be on the lookout for a limited edition box set that includes a cd with a reel-to-reel tape dropping later this month.

 (I wrote this for The Line Of Best Fit last week)

Lukid 50 Minute Boiler Room Set

Lukid is one of the most multifaceted and underrated artists in the producer game right now. He’s got his hands in so many collaborations and projects, and on top of that he managed to eek out a FANTASTIC, dark and experimental deep house and techno menagerie in album form, he calls, Lonely At The Top. This record has been on heavy rotation since it dropped. HUGE FAN of everything he does. Lukid’s Boiler Room set is no exception. Be prepared, this is not your average BR session. 

p.s. Be sure to peep Lukid’s remix that appears on Nathan Fake’s Paean Remix EP.  

Autre Ne Veut CountingCarry ANV Remess

So fucking excited for ANV’s new album. Already in love with this first single, and just kept forgetting to post it.

Sounds like: How To Dress Well…in a relationship. (No suicide necessary) and a South African trap choir made a love child. Yeah, I just said “trap choir.” W/e go with it.

Also, check ANV’s “remess” of his jam “Carry” above too. Gives you a taste of his new sound, plus who remixes their own shit? This guy. Luh you for it bb.

Autre Nu Veut’s album Anxiety, drops February 12th, via Software Recording.

Pegasus Warning Olive Island

Really looking forward to catching this guy’s live set tonight. Pegasus Warning has this deep seeded funk vibe that’s been splattered with sparse, raspy synth, angst-riddled shrills and ‘fuck it, I’m pouring all of myself out onto the floor until there’s nothing left of me’ passionate energy to his music that is just kind of wow. I’m told his show sucks you in and licks the sweat off your face before you have a chance to ask, ‘what the fuck is afropunk psych rock?’ It’s what I’ve always dreamed of, so of course I am pumped. More to come… 

Hundred Waters + Levek Dream Entry BTR Live Studio Session

GITNB’s Acts To Catch at CMJ 2012: Hundred Waters + Levek

So the story goes, a Gainsville, FL busdriver, with an affinity for Disney tunes wrote some jamz that demanded a live show. He knew his words and a guitar were not enough to support such a sound, so he called upon a few local musicians to help support his live set. Well, being as it was a hobby, Levek played some shows, had some fun, then went on being a Gainsville, FL bus driver…for a few years. So after hanging around, fiddling with instruments, homemade sounds and a magnetic synergy that very few bands can claim to possess, the kids got tired of waiting for Mr. Levek (David Levesque) and decided to release some music of their own. Those kids were Hundred Waters.

With such endearing, and ‘of course they were Levek’s backing band’ beginnings, it only feels right to catch both acts (which I love equally) at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. Really looking forward to these shows.

If you’re in NYC this week, go see Hundred Waters and Levek.

Jerome LOL Forever/Never + Sadness Unofficial Video

Jerome LOL should be everything that I h8 about shitty, over hyped by buzz blogs obsessing over whatever sub-genre trend involving excessive amounts of cheeky samples, pitch shifts and house-y hip hop beats, but I don’t. It’s that guilty pleasure music you secretly sneak into your playlist and love it more with every listen. 

This video couldn’t be more perfect for a six month two man producer project now down to one. I feel like the other bro in LOL Boys was like, “So…we were just fucking around right? We can only add so many synth trumpet and AOL IM samples to songs before someone realizes this was a joke…plus I have shit to do.” 

It’s also my favorite LOL track to date. Infinite sadness triumphs again.

Love to h8 more of Jerome LOL via Soundcloud.

Oscar Key Sung WIMLTM 

The bits and pieces of 2012 not spent obsessing over the future bass/uk bass lite scene has been pre-occupied with the Aboriginal beats and tender melodies of Oscar + Martin. One half of the project, Oscar Key Sung just dropped this heartfelt, pitch shifting love letter in song form. It’s sexy and cool, filled with sparse, looping harmonies and glitchy, chopped up vocals giving the notion that special someone he once knew so well has once again become a stranger. Where has my love gone? Obsessed.

Oscar Key Sung | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Stubborn Heart Need Someone (Video)

I didn’t love Stubborn Heart at first, but then I realized I need to stop being a stupid hooker about new music. Now I can’t get enough. This track is dark and lovely, smart and sexy all at the same time, devoid of any pretentious undertones you might assume would accompany such a project. Subtle brilliance. It’s a refined sound that you can tell didn’t develop over night, which I can appreciate because neither did I. Nothing ever does. 

Kaya Kaya Records be killing it in 2012. 

Get “Need Someone” on iTunes, plus two other sexy ass tracks HERE.