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Wanda and Wonder Bass is Nice

Slippin’ Through The Cracks Episode #2 Wanda and Wonder

This marks the second installment of my new weekly series where I talk about albums/artists I was late to the game on, and now am really wishing I hadn’t slept. Better late than never right? Read episode #1 featuring Oscar + Martin HERE.

Wanda and Wonder is not new and not old. They are not hard, nor are they soft. They are neither here nor there, in fact they are just about everywhere. Instances of this influence, flashes of that influence, Wanda Wonder were able to encapsulate so many genres of the past while adding their own silly twist on the future in one four song EP.

The vocals waiver somewhere between Billy Idol, The Cure and David Bowie, which you never really figure out, as you get lost in fancy claps and synth driven keys, amongst harmonized shrieks and heavily reverbed guitar riffs, you start to ask yourself, “Have I discovered a new genre?” A kind of glamwave disco punk, that we had hoped would be lead by bands like Apes and Androids in the uber hip trenches of the New York club scene. But instead, they missed their subway stop and continued onto Queens, Astoria, or somewhere far past Greenpoint, yet at other times, Wanda and Wonder sound nothing like this at all. Instead taking cues from hardly RnB but “inspired by” dance hits and adding their chameleon-like vocals that seem to transform almost entirely depending on the tune.

In certain songs, and parts of songs, I think the band is lackluster and annoying, these poppy, Brit punk wannabe kids living out their Green Day tribute band dreams, only a decade too late…then I realize they are fucking around, (Listen to their cover of Real McCoy’s 1993 jam, "Another Night" to see what I mean). This enigma of a band has caught my attention in just a few short songs, and well I just keep pressing play.

Most recently the band contributed to Just Like Honey Indie Podcast charity compilation with their rendition of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s hit, "Just Like Honey," and well it’s pure genius. It’s a unique take on the classic that removes just about every ounce of shoegaze, and fills in the holes with a cooing quality that is really beautiful, while managing to hold onto the charm of the original tune that we love so much. Be sure to listen to Wanda and Wonder’s version below, and read more about the comp in my Mixtape Monday series post HERE.

Wanda and Wonder self-released a four song EP appropriately titled EPEP, on August 2nd 2010.

Wanda and Wonder | Bandcamp