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Waldo Kobe’s Room Original + Revision [Prod. by Sango]

Sadly, I never got a chance to writing about this release when it dropped. Mostly because I was taking a break from music writing at the time. Regardless, the collaboration between the Grand Rapids, MI duo of producer Sango and MC Waldo, titled "Kobe’s Room" was one of my favorite tracks of 2013.

Yes, the beats and his flows no doubt draw similarities to Drake, and the name “Kobe’s Room” may or may not be a nod to “Marvin’s Room,” but I love Drake, and “Marvin’s Room,” and everything about this track, so…. Basically haters gonna hate, and that’s never been my style, so here we go.

Waldo started making noise on the internet in 2012 when he released Pick Your Own Poison on LA collective Soulection’s digital imprint. I dug that release a lot. Catchy lyrics like, “Marijuana like Chlamydia, still burnin” (lolz) and a comfortability to his flows, coupled with Sango’s sexed-up beats, what’s not to love?

At the end of 2013 Waldo re-emerged a double album project that I have to say has some stellar singles. Completely produced by Sango, NSDE and OUTSIDE are full of playful and stylistic tracks that you’ll want to keep on repeat until you know all the words.

Waldo’s witty and smart lyrics lend to his knack for hooks and storytelling throughout the two EPs, with stand out tracks like "Red Toyota, Naomi’s Song," "Finally" and "Explicit Content." The more I listen the more I believe in his talents. With line after line of anecdotal rhymes and plenty of humor, I’m still trying to find a reason not to love this project. Haven’t found one, nuff said.

Be sure to check Sango’s “revision” of “Kobe’s Room” below, and Waldo’s upcoming show dates here.

Sunni Colón Eternal Flowers

My first exposure to singer/rapper/producer Sunni Colón's music was after a photoshoot-turned-house party at a producer friend's spot in Williamsburg. He lives in one of those giant Brooklyn lofts that's perfect for any artist looking to lock themselves away in the studio to work on beats without driving their roommates and neighbors insane. 

I ended up hanging in his studio, along with his manager(s) and a few other people while he showed us the new projects he was working on. One of those projects was producing beats for a new singer/rapper named Sunni Colón. The demos were a bit rough, and I liked his singing a lot more than his rapping, but I was interested.
When I got home I did some googling and came up with very little. Except a self-produced single released by the LA artist, called "Temple." Again, I was interested, but still nothing was really grabbing me and shaking me by my Drelocks. Then a few months later I heard, “Jezzabel,” and my interest piqued again. Now in 2014 Sunni’s dropped "Voyage/Lightyears," and last week, his latest cut (and my favorite beat), “Eternal Flowers.”

So the reason I told you this long, boring story is to tell you how I came to the conclusion that the guy has serious potential. He’s just not ready for the spotlight yet. The evolution of his still blossoming sound from just eight months ago to now is vast. His range of talents deep, and his intuition and ability to fine-tune and develop the sounds that are working, well that’s always the hardest part, and he’s doing a great job of it.

With a handful of explorative demos on Soundcloud and rumors of a debut full-length on the way, you can be sure Sunni Col is on my list of acts to watch.

Glass Animals Gooey Rework ft. Chester Watson

One of the biggest tracks of 2014, Glass Animals’ “Gooey,” gets a killer makeover with help of Orlando, Fl rapper/producer Chester Watson.

Since 2012 I’ve professed my undying love for the Oxfordshire foursome Glass Animals. Their penchant for hip hop inspired basslines, harmonizing folklore and complex progressions that turn into catchy pop hooks that are anything but cheesy, are a few of the reasons Glass Animals are THEE next big act to watch. Seeing them live only confirms those suspicions. 

Dropping serious lyrical heat on the rework of “Gooey,” one of the best rappers still flying under the radar, Chester Watson finally steps into the spotlight.

Stylistically, Watson has one of those low, raspy voices that pairs perfectly with down tempo Dilla inspired beats. On their own, his words sound like nonchalant prophecies. A smokey cloak of anecdotes, shout outs and weed smoke drifts through the air, and then it hits you— Earl Sweatshirt vibes.

Though sometimes his stories get lost along the way, at 17, he’s leaps and bounds beyond adrenaline charged MC’s, thirsty to break out. With more control of his flows than much more experienced lyricists, if we were in Vegas, I’d be all in on Chester Watson as a future star of tomorrow. 

Glass Animals GOOEY EP is out April 7th via Paul Epworth’s Wolf Tone.

Be sure to also grab Chester Watson’s March release Tin Wooki from his bandcamp.


When most people think of music from Barbados, a scantily clad Rihanna comes to mind. Turns out she’s not the only game in town. 18-year-old Barbados native, rapper Haleek Maul has been making waves these past few years dropping his well received debut mixtape on MISHKA, and collaborating with the game’s hottest up-and-coming producers like Supreme Cuts, Hot Sugar, and Forest Swords. The rapper, known for his raspy words that evoke as much restraint as they do bite, recently started a collective of artists in Barbados called On The Tanz.

Maul says the collective is, “Mainly aimed towards promoting new taste in music and art on the island because it’s pretty stagnant here in that regard.” There’s also plans to release original content from the crew’s members in addition to putting on parties and shows on the island. The first official product from On The Tanz comes in the form of a sweet little mix that you can stream and download below.

Frank Leone Moon feat. Vic Mensa & The GTW

Obsessed with this. Two artists I’ve been repping big time, and featured in my "All I Need Is One" Best of CMJ series, Vic Mensa and The GTW make rapper and producer Frank Leone's new single, “Moon,” sparkle that much more.

On this sampling of Chicago’s finest, a sexy glow of R&B laced harmonies and billowy synths haunt, while Vic drops some of his best lines to date. Frank on the other hand invites a drowning in a syrupy haze, late night vibe with his raps. With nods to Yung Lean and Kid Kudi weaved throughout. And if that infectious “To the moon” vocal loop is Frank’s, well this song just got that much better. To the moon…

Photo by the talented Ruben Henriquez.

G FrSh ft. Sonny Reeves Falling High

Perfect example of UK rap not sucking. Luh dis.

Bishop Nehru You Stressin’ Prod. by Disclosure

For weeks/months I’ve been waiting patiently for a fucking download (since what.cd got hacked) of rapper Bishop Nehru and producer duo, Disclosure’s collab track “YouStressin.” I seriously don’t know where I’m supposed to get music now. PR emails? Spotify? If that’s the case, please exit through the gift shop cuz that shit ain’t gonna happen. 

The beat reminds me a bit of Lil’ Kim’s 1997 classic “Crush On You,” produced by Grammy Award-Winning producer bro Fanatic. Anyways I got this hand made video for you as a special treat to keep you and your shitty Youtube rip warm at night. Or you can just pay the $1.29 and buy the track from iTunes. The choice is yours friends. Either way you need this tune in your life. 


Though he’s been changing the game with his juke and footwork jaunts for decades, 2013 was the year of DJ RASHAD. For Wired’s “Music Issue” (out this month) they featured Questlove on their cover with the caption “Love Music Again.” Rashad’s 2013 releases Double Cup, I Don’t Give A Fuck and Rollin’ were an instrumental part in pushing this music rebirth Wired was alluding to. So really we all should be saying THANK YOU DJ RASHAD, WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR YOU MUSICAL GIFTS. (p.s. If you haven’t watched Rashad and Spinn’s 2011 RBMA lecture I posted, you’re slippin.)

RASHAD’s success has allowed him to shine the light on his TEKLIFE crew of producers working to carve out a fresh sound fusing footwork, juke hip hop and rap. 

The “Wordstar VIP” snippet above is just a taste of TEKLIFE multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer TASO's mixtape of wildly chopped flips, edits and originals titled TEKLIFE TILL THA NEXT LIFE VOL​.​1. The project includes plenty of collabs from TEKLIFE fam,DJ RASHAD, DJ SPINN and DJ MANNY. Trust me you want more than the snippet above. 

Ok fine here is the whole song:

Trust me when I say you need to buy TEKLIFE TILL THA NEXT LIFE VOL​.​1 from TASO’s Bandcamp. Also be sure to look out for his release on Hyperdub later this year!


I premiered this fresh mixtape on Mass Appeal yesterday.

Alex Chapman is different. His music is different — different than most of the rap we post.@iChap, as he’s known by his friends on Twitter, hails from New York’s underground fashion-forward-art-crowd-hashtag-internet-celebrity-parties-at-the-Flat-in-Brooklyn scene. He’s a rapper. He’s gay. He’s also white. With pals like female rapper extraordinaire Chippy Nonstop and theYung Klout Gang, Chapman is part of a new genre of trendsetters challenging the music status quo. Of course, in the supermarket of music entertainment, there will always be an aisle reserved for Hatorade, but why hate someone thats just trying to make you smile?

There’s no denying that Chapman’s lolz-inducing lines are as thoughtfully clever as topical as they may be. Adding his own verses to 2 Chainz “Where U Been” building on the hook, “Bought a new crib just to f*** you in,” adding, “Bought a new bed just to tuck you in.” Or on his version of “Chum” he has fun with some melodic wordplay saying, “In my Earl Sweatshirt with the Earl Sweatpants, do you not know who, who the fuck I am, you my JuJu boo, I’m your Killa Cam.”

But Chapman is far from just surface level pun rapper. Whether it’s intentional or not, he’s more making a statement than just putting out a collection of tracks. He’s like the street artist Hanksy, of the music world; from the playfully taunting lyrics to the fact that he’s using recognizable beats to his Internet themed mixtape, complete with iMessage “drops”.

When it comes to Chapman’s actual sound, at times his lyrical style has striking similarities to Mykki Blanco and other times he illicits an angst not so unlike Eminem and The Marshall Mathers LP. But comparisons aside, what’s most notable is he’s developing a style and brand all his own. One we plan to have on repeat.

Mass Appeal is proud to present the album stream of iChap Vol. 1 for your listening pleasure. Presented by Saint, the mixtape includes guest appearances by up-and-comers, Jungle Pussy, Mess Kid, The GTW, Dai Burger and UNIIQUE.

Travis Porter Do a Trick feat. Gucci Mane (Kodak to Graph Boot)

I premiered this dope Kodak to Graph remix on Yours Truly yesterday.

Making lyrics like “Big face hundreds, bout to throw it at her asscheeks” ethereal and calming, Gainsville, FL producer Mike Maleki aka Kodak to Graph pulls a hat trick of his own with his rework of Travis Porter and Gucci Mane’s “Do a Trick.”

Wiping the track’s southern grit sound clean with airy pieces of vocal coo’s and an array of hollow synths, Maleki morphs you into a purple glazed cloud, while still keeping the nostalgia factor (and love for the original track) in tact. It’s my party, I turn up if I want to.

Recently wrapping up a tour with the masters of whimsical wonderment, Braids andHundred Waters, the young producer is back on the live show schtick with a number of shows at SXSW next week, be sure to catch him at one of the events below.

Thursday 3.13

Flower Showcase

@Holy Mountain – INSIDE - 8:15 P.M

617 East 7th St

South Fry South Friendies (DJ SET)

@Chain Drive - 11:30 P.M

504 Willow Street

Friday 3.14

Stones Throw Records/ Filter Showcase

@Container Bar - 5:00 P.M

90 Rainey Street

Austin Contemperary Museum Official  

@The Contemporary Austin - 10:00 P.M

700 Congress Ave