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Potty Mouth The Spins

I pissed off a ton of people with this post. That wasn’t my intention at all. Feel free to send hate mail to: gluttonyisthenewblack@gmail.com

Northampton, Massachusetts pop-punk quartet, Potty Mouth unveil the video for their catchy track ‘The Spins’. 


Potty Mouth is one of those bands with mass appeal that will steal your heart before you know it, and that only come along every 5-10 years. Think Warpaintand Dum Dum Girls. The quartet’s magic formula for winning over just about everyone can be attributed to nostalgic 90s giddiness mixed with a gritty garage-washed take on pop songs. Singer Abby Weems brings a monotone charisma with her chorus-driven words that pairs perfectly with fuzzed out guitar riffs creating an infectious pop-punk anthem quality to the band’s sound. We’re beyond smitten.

Best Fit is proud to premiere Potty Mouth’s video for “The Spins.” Watch as the foursome takes you on an intimate ride through the life of a young band doing what they love most. Rocking out during rehearsals, and you guessed it, lots of spinning ensues.

Potty Mouth’s debut album, Hell Bent is out on vinyl and digitally 17th September on Marshall Teller Records.

Decades Tonight Again (Video)

Toronto band, Decades is everything we love about glam rock just before it gets too dark. Channeling the ghosts of Joy Division and nestling in just perfectly with that era of unstoppable bands like Arcade Fire, The Killers and Modest Mouse, Decades are so refreshingly quaint it hurts, and not in the slightest bit overdone.

Just a melting pot of garage-rock guitar riffs, enigmatic vocal shrieks and a bit of a soft side, everything you’d want from a rock band in 2013. Plus they make use of visuals to bring all those sounds to life, on their track ‘Tonight Again’.

Loving this band more with every listen, be sure to grab Decades’ self-titled album when it drops on April 30th via White Girl Records.

Jmzs Smith Sex & Cigarettes

A smoke filled haze wafts into a small, windowless room, filling the air with a thickness that has you gasping for breath the moment the first words are spoken. But there’s an easiness to Jmzs Smith’s weathered, crackling drawls, like slowly running your fingers along a tattered and worn page of history. Heavy cello thumps act as a bassline that whirls around keyboard notes all covered in a blurred gauziness that makes you wonder if this can be real life.

In the vein of Bill Callahan and Dirty Beaches, and with a moody soulfulness, the New York resident captivates listeners with his brooding, relaxed sound. Be sure to grab Jmzs Smith’s two track EP Sex & Cigarettes on digital or cassette via Super Boring Music, and be on the lookout for a limited edition box set that includes a cd with a reel-to-reel tape dropping later this month.

 (I wrote this for The Line Of Best Fit last week)

Duck House Run

One of my absolute favorite discoveries of 2012. Duck House is the side project of this pop band called The Cads. It’s always funny when the side project ends up being so much more interesting than the main project. When I wrote about them a while back I described them as, ‘Sexy, funk-splashed harmonies do a lil’ dance for a rhythm section cloaked in a synth-haze afterglow.’

Side projects are the new black (2012).

Dalton What Never Should End

New track from one of the few indie rock acts I really fell in love with this year. And I don’t mean that weren’t tons of great new acts, I just probably haven’t listened to them. Too busy listening to Dalton. Personally this track is way too reverbed. Once you hear Dalton’s first single, 'Breaker' you’ll realize the strained, raspy vocals of Nate Hararr are too pure to not make the focal point of his songs. Regardless, he’s on my list to watch in 2013 as I’m really looking forward to see what else he has planned for the new year.

Go download Dalton’s new 2 track EP from his Bandcamp.

Au.Ra Sun

I wrote this for The Line of Best Fit today. Digging these guys so hard.

Our latest infatuation,  Au.Ra effortlessly strike a balance between dreamy and atmospheric guitar rattles, and just the right amount of reverb on their first single, ‘Sun.’ Australian and English duo, construct what feels like worldly guitar pop, with a lackadaisical exuberance that lifts you up and carries you away into it’s brightness. Twinkling bits of life come fluttering in to the crevices of my hardened and blackened heart, and yet fade back out just as quickly. Fleeting bliss.

Get ‘Sun’ for free from Au.Ra’s SoundCloud.

Blasé Mouths

"Blasé is a super secret super new solo act from Boston, Ma.  I’ve played in bands  my whole life and sometimes I write songs that I instinctively feel selfish about. I’m not sure if it’s in fear of change or what but usually I would tuck them away in a folder on my desktop, but I also feel music should be shared. I want these songs to rely on emotions rather than who I am or what bands I’ve been in or how many likes on Facebook. I want people to be spontaneous, rely on instinct. "

YUS Nowadays

00’s Dashboard Confessional nostalgia with far less heartbreak. 

Get it for a dolla from YUS’s bandcamp.