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Gems Void Moon

Beach House took comfort in the warming glow of Peaking Lights’ weird vibes, while thay channeled the ghosts of Fleetwood Mac and promised they would never fight the darkness again. This blend of styles and sounds is infectious. I think this is my new favorite band (besides Teen Mom).

When I first heard Gems, all I could think was, “Omg, this is such a Jimmy Morris band.” They also happen to be from DC (where Head Underwater is based). Too good.

Get this track from Gems’ Bandcamp.

Alligator Indian Honey Eye Bee Leave Ewe

Like a 1950’s sock hop gone lofi, with one too many cocktails, Alligator Indian pours you a boozy delight of lofi dream pop that will have you jitterbuggin’ the night away in no time. I’ll take a Tom Collins with two cherries and a side of asprin, please and thank you. (Can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men).

This track is off Alligator Indian’s new EP FOOTBALL, which drops this September via Bleeding Gold Records.

Gluttony Is The New Black

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Is Tropical The Greeks (Moonlight Matters Remix)

Wasn’t sure how I felt about Is Tropical’s The Greeks single, but this remix is something nasty. I feel like I’m at an orchestra’s disco themed afterparty. Fun stuff.

London’s Is Tropical recently signed to the uber hip french label KITSUNÉ, and are set to release their debut album Native to, on June 14th.

Jonquil I Know I Don’t Know

Some more UK love comin’ at ya. Jonquil blew me away at SXSW. From start to finish, their EP One Hundred Suns is a gem to listen to. Recently signed to Dovecote Records, I expect big things from the Oxford natives in 2011.

There are so many great bands coming out of the UK right now, and these guys are definitely one of the brightest stars. Stream their album on Soundcloud here, or download the album from their bandcamp here.



Bug Eyes // Out There



Filled with heavy amounts of vinyl crackle this track floats around one drawn out vocal sample that occassionaly gets played back at different tempos to create a swirling effect. It only runs for a minute and a half but it will make that short amount of time into a relaxing Sunday afternoon for you. Buy this track from his Bandcamp along with his new album called Orbit. Its filled with some great beats including another favourite of mine Spectrum Two. [photo]


mp3 : Bug Eyes // Out There

Holy Other - Touch

Holy Christ this track is hot. Holy Other’s new EP drops June 6th! It seems all the acts on Tri-Angle Records have this ambient, larger-than-life feel to their sound, with some 90’s R&B and Enya influences thrown in for good measure. If they make a video I hope it involves endless ocean waves and lots of cloud/mountain/fantasy montages.

Who would of thunk it? I can’t get enough…


Young Man - Five

Colin Caulfield is playful without losing perspective on his place in the world and the relationships that define it.  His tone reflects careful consideration.  Hindsight allows for this opportunity, and “Five” doesn’t waste it.

The video is directed by Sonia Levy.  Buy Boy from Kitchen Music.


Geographer Paris

Gluttony Is The New Black’s Top Acts To Check Out @ SXSW 2011: GEOGRAPHER

One of my favorite bands of 2010, having discovered them at last year’s fest, Geographer will be all over SXSW like flies on honey.

Not just another synth band, with the inclusion of Nathan Blaz on cello and the haunting melodic sounds of singer Mike Deni creates a much richer final product that transcends genres and makes for quite the listening experience. Get into it.