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Flatbush Zombies Mraz


New obsession. Flashbush Zombies continue to stretch open the crevices of your imagination, creatively twisting verses and flipping lyrics through ferocious beats that swirl and bob around some of the filthiest lyrics to come out of 2012. They ain’t playing, they the hope.

Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe (Sekuoia LOLREMIX)

Yep. This is happening. Absolutely love what Copenhagen producer Sekuoia, has done with the most loved/hated/talked about track of 2012. He infused his own style, made it a lil’ dancey, and kept the original song in tact…and it’s dope. Hats off to you sir.

Sekuoia is definitely an act to watch this year, particularly after his offering for Project Mooncircle/Finest Ego’s 12” Faces Series. I need to write a proper post on it. It’s one of the most interesting bits of experimental electronic I’ve fallen for this year. For now what I’ll say is this, you know that feeling you get when you know someone is checking you out from afar? You can feel their presence, and it sends this tickling, shiver up your spine every time they look in your direction? That’s what Sekuoia’s latest collection of tracks feels like. More to come…

Sekuoia | Souncloud | Facebook

Steezy Ray Vibes Time Stands Still (demo)

My brain is fried, but I gotta represent for my Steez. Read what I previously wrote about Yalls’ Steezy Ray Vibes project below, and check out the sweet lil’ number he just dropped this morning via Don’t Die Wondering.

They sing about this hollowed out shell of a man finally coming to grips with this own reality. It’s sad but he’s finally at peace. Like mourning the death of a previous life. All I can say is this Bay Area act has some serious production skills. The haunting backing vocals hiss and coo beneath simple electronic guitar chords, reverbed effects, looping raspy whispers all enveloped by a melody that seems so simple, but is dripping in complexity. (Original Post)

Steezy Ray Vibes | Soundcloud