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Bronson My Idle Bed

Like so many love stories gone awry, so this one goes, boy meets girl, boy falls instantly in love. That affection is not reciprocated, but misconstrued as so. Patrick Everman tells his story much better than I can. His release of Paper Tusk is something I have really been looking forward to. This album is much more than some songs lumped together and released. It’s a story, a painful story of love, loss and vulnerability. The story of Paper Tusk below sets the stage for this album to be heard.. Really incredible stuff.

Bronson is the solo project of Patrick Everman who currently resides in the frigid cascades of Washington. His debut full-length album,“Paper Tusks” placates an array of emotions from amorous desperation to childlike fervor atop the ebb and flow of rippled guitars and throbbing drums. Highs and lows aside, one thread remains throughout, his deep seeded desire for something that he cannot have, something that he pushed away; love. Present but not overbearing, Bronson’s tired yearning melts and cools into brittle, sullen, paper tusks.

Recording Paper Tusk was no easy task, before traversing through closed mountain passes to Nick Wilbur and Phil Elvrim’s small converted church in Anacortes Washington, Everman had spent months preparing to record songs he had composed for a woman he had met and come to adore only a few weeks prior who was seeing another man. Shortly before leaving to Anacortes he proposed, and she suggested that they never see one another. The next day Everman entered the freezing studio awash with malaise, which resulted in him cutting over half of his prepared material, and recording anew on the spot. After four days of recording he decided to compile footage of his once love and prepare a few short films set to the music he had just recorded, which have just been released here;

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Buy Bronson’s first full length Paper Tusk from his Bandcamp HERE.

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