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Gorgeous Bully Who Do You Think You Are + Stamp 

I fucking love this. Lo-fi Americana that’s upbeat and fun. Gorgeous Bully has this simple, infectious, Coma Cinema feel, but with much more of a harsh crunch to his sound. And a lot less emo. It’s Vagrant records teen angst ala Saves The Day/The Get Up Kids, with hints of Weezer’s Blue album sprinkled about just for kicks. Which is a refreshing change of pace from the chilled out sex beat vibes I generally lean towards.

With catchy lyrics like, “Just who do you think you are, some fucking supernova,” that speak to you almost directly, I’m a fan without even trying. I’d like to think Gorgeous Bully has that Cloud Nothings 2011 album effect. It’s pop-punk nostalgia at it’s finest.

The Young and Obese drops Feb 20th via Art is Hard Records, and will be available as a ltd edition cassette, packaged in a custom designed cigarette packet. Be sure to peep the pic of the packaging below. Pretty sweet. Pre-order HERE.

Gorgeous Bully | Bandcamp | Facebook

Peaking Lights Hey Sparrow (d’Eon Remix)

As if the Peaking Lights 936 EP couldn’t be any more amazing, this d’Eon remix is so good it actually pains me to not listen to it on repeat. In case you live in a barn in rural Iowa, Peaking Lights are these genius, freaks of nature that understand how to divulge the darkest depths of your soul, and then turn your ass out, without ever missing a beat. Every one of their tracks is like the score to some mind bending, modern day Dark Side of the Moon-esque, tale about absolutely nothing and yet everything, all at the same time.

To celebrate the re-release of the duo’s 936 EP, Peaking Lights dropped a remix EP with d’Eon, Damu, Maria Manerva and more, that is absolutely brilliant. The selection of artists Peaking Lights has chosen to remix their work is so perfectly off the wall, they were able to create a cohesive piece of work that you can actually listen to from beginning to end, well almost. They let Main Attrakionz slobber all over their genius at the end there, but no stress, that’s what the “next” button is for.

Really, this remix EP is the soundtrack the original Alice in Wonderland was hoping for. Just a few decades too late. Mind has been blown.

Buy Peaking Lights 936 re-release and Remix 12” from Weird World Records HERE.

Peaking Lights | Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Track: Ganglians - Sleep

I dig this band a whole bunch. It’s noisy psych-pop at it’s finest. So stoked for their second album.


By Joseph Rodriguez

“Sleep” is the title of Ganglians’ 2nd single released from their forthcoming double LP Still Living. Though not as jammy as “Jungle”, the first single released earlier this year, “Sleep” is indeed a solid effort. The track, which nearly hits the 6 minute mark, keeps things nice and slow with the occasional splash of delay laden guitar lines. The keyboards fade in and out, but are the tool that keeps you glued as the song builds its momentum toward its climatic ending. 

Still Living will be available on August 23rd via Lefse Records. Check out some Ganglians west coast tour dates after the jump.

Ganglians - Sleep

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Nash Smith & Ganges Hunters

Six month old mid-west trio Nash Smith & Ganges came together as a means of unifying band members solo projects, ranging from moody synthpop, psychedelic noise/folk, to hazy pop. 

Nash Smith & Ganges’s self-titled, debut EP was recorded in a century-old general store turned restaurant in Eggleston, Virginia, a town nestled against the New River and tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The recordings were done live so as to capture the room’s natural reverb and require minimal overdubs and processing.