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Introducing Some Ember: Interview + Era of Wind & Deep Ocean mp3s

I discovered Dylan Travis and his band at the time, Man/Miracle when I was living in San Francisco in the spring of 2008. I was instantly drawn to his live performance that exuded so much heart, he held nothing back on stage. Not to mention, Man/Miracle plays some extremely catchy tunes that just make you want to smile. This is actually my second interview with Dylan, the first being an unreleased video interview we did last May. Maybe the video will come out one day when he is super famous and a huge deal. Since Dylan’s very first song, his music has touched me so deeply. He is one of those artists that I have wholeheartedly followed throughout his musical career, and a big reason for that is his passion on such a grand scale. He’s not just singing to sing, these songs are his catharsis.

Dylan says ultimately his music delivers positive vibes and dark but reassuring hope for humanity. When you really dig deep, from his Man/Miracle beginnings, to his Otherness project with Dave of Elephant and Castle, and now Some Ember, you can feel Dylan’s energy in all of them, and that energy burns so bright. He gives off an aura on stage, and his voice carries a feeling throughout his songs that wraps itself around you and then melts slowly into the earth until you are fully enveloped. Watching this enigmatic artist develop over the years has been such a pleasure. To have the opportunity to interview him a second time, well it’s really an honor.

If Disney ever made a high budget adult version of Aladdin, I would imagine Some Ember’s tunes are what would fuel the soundtrack surrounding the villainous Sorcerer as he enters the scene, surrounded by a thick, murky cloud of darkness.  A force, cascading down upon the ground.
Take a listen to Dylan’s Some Ember project above and below, and take a few minutes of your time to read my in-depth interview with one of the most interesting people I have ever met. I have to say, I think it’s my favorite interviews to date. Introducing Some Ember.
AA: So, how goes it?
DT: I’m good, listening to Depeche Mode. You?

AA: Nice. Listening to Gang Starr.

DT: Ha! I have some Gang Starr on vinyl.

AA: That doesn’t surprise me at all. So to jump right into things, I have been a fan of your tunes for years now. I have watched your sound get all kinds of weird and evolve and do so many cool things, so I wanted to do a very long overdue deep dive with ya. My goal is to gain some insight into what you have been doing in 2011 and plan to do in 2012.

DT: Right on. I am smoking a THC e-cig right now in 2011 and in 2012 I will likely smoke it again.

AA: Hahahahahaha. YES.

DT: But yeah, I’m down, what would you like to know?

Listen to more from Some Ember and read the rest of the interview after the jump!

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Real Magic No Things Left

Put this freakishly addicting new noise-pop jam on the latest GITNB mix and have been playing it for some folks, and the general consensus is that Real Magic is the tits. I wanted to keep it going and help spread the love so thought I would give this track a proper post.

Be on the look out for a video for Real Magic’s track “Crip Tics" to drop real soon. Watch the teaser video here.

Real Magic: Bandcamp - Soundcloud - Facebook

Download “No Things Left” here.

Grab Real Magic’s two tracks for free via HeartMusicGroup’s bandcamp here.

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