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Whendays Untru Love II (The Whendays Nu Love Remix)

I’ve got to hand it to tha homie Glenn at XLR8R on this one. I’ve been getting into a lot of this dancey disco shit as of late, and this remix is right up my alley. Like an Al Greene-infused, slowed the fuck down version of an Azari & III track, the Whendays speak right to my ecstacy-loving 18 year old, acid house was still cool, self. Makes me yearn for a roller rink, some booty shorts and a shiny disco ball reflecting above me.

P.S. Now that SXSW 2012 is over, posts will be back in full swing. I also write for Shuffler.fm, Subrewind, and some other dope places I will be announcing soon. Thanks so much for all the support thus far, and I hope you dig all the goodies I have in store for the rest of 2012.

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(via XLR8R)

Teenhaze My Girl

If Bright Eyes decided to write a love song that didn’t involve tragic heartbreak or him wanting to kill himself, this is what it would sound like. Teenhaze is an optimistic facade drenched in sultry haze.

The Swedish solo project of whom I’ll just refer to as “T” for now, has a full length record on the horizon, in addition to his London band’s debut album which drops in early 2012. It’s safe to say you’ll be hearing a lot more from Teenhaze in the months to come. Bring on the reverb.



DO IT: DOWNLOAD Teenhaze’s "Sea You" EP from his Bancamp HERE.

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