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Decades In Sequins (Video)

I premiered this on The Line Of Best Fit yesterday. Finally found a band I can love.

In our humble experience, it’s always the most sheltered of beings that create the most organic of art. They construct bridges, hooks and melodies from a limited vantage point, which in the end, ends up being one of their greatest strengths. If you’ve never been to Rome, you can’t do as the Romans do, if you will.

It’s been so long since we’ve heard a band with the ability to illicit such range from slightly iridescent wails, reverbed heartaches and textural dissonance, without being too polarizing in their approach. With Decades, nothing’s forced, there’s no ego or disingenuous demeanor in an attempt to attract a particular audience– the music they make is all they know. If our memory suits, the last act able to pull off such a feat, is well, The Rapture.

Drinking up a heavy dose of Gang of Four and Joy Division influences, Decades imbibe the best of what the British post-punk era greats left as a lasting impression, and then they do something very special, they take that sound and make it their own. Splattering hints of pop and glam across a blurred post-punk existence, what materializes just beyond the horizon, Decades, is the sound we’ve been yearning for, before we even knew what it was. Watch the video for ‘In Sequins’ to see what exactly what we mean.

Decades self-titled debut album, is out 30th April on White Girl Records.

1. Tonight Again
2. Any Wonder
3. Celebrate 
4. Old & Aging
5. Only After
6. In Sequins
7. Move Me
8. Can You Love Me Now
9. For From Me
10. Washed

Photo by Laura Lynn Petrick

Captain Murphy The Killing Joke (Official Video)

"He can be the outcast, he can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice."

Dark and scary in the best way. 

Off Captain Murphy’s debut Duality Mixtape.

Kwabs Spirit Fade

Last year London singer Kwabs, with thundering gospel vocals that echo through a room like ghostly ripples of emotion you didn’t know you could possess, wow’d us with his cover of James Blake’s ‘A Wilhelm Scream’.

Well, the rising soul artist rumored to have signed a deal with Atlantic Records is back. ‘Spirit Fade’ is an ample origianl that showcases Kwabs’ many vocal talents beneath a sea of sexy R&B basslines and delicate acoustic guitar rhythms, all unfolding through your speakers in a way that gives you goosebumps you just can’t shake.

Because we love it so much, we included Kwabs’ James Blake cover for you below as well. Don’t say we didn’t ever gift wrap a rising soul star for you. 

Martin $ky - Three To Get Ready (Video)


Once in college I saw the mayor of Oakland at the time, Jerry Brown speak about various political issues affecting his fair city, and surrounding locale that make up my beloved Bay Area. He talked about how smoking weed in your backyard was fine as long as you kept it on your property, protesting is a citizen’s right, but not mandatory, and well running for mayor is one “wild” ride. And almost as if he had planned for the question, which never was raised, he closed his speech saying, “Oakland is an island of tranquility, in a sea of chaos.”

18 year old rapper and producer Martin $ky is the very embodiment of the island Mr. Brown was speaking of. Quietly looping fairy dust effects through a production style made classic by J Dilla and MF Doom, Martin $ky calmly spits verses about everything in the rap game that creates such chaos.

“I be humble and mellow, if I ain’t mellow enough, tired of these niggas rappin’ and yappin’ and saying’ stuff.”

He’s not screaming to prove he’s raw or trying to make a point, he’s painting a picture of a reality he’s working to make right. No need to scream for attention, or talk out of turn, just a collected body of consciousness, ready to be heard.

“Chunk a deuce to the bitter few, my way of saying get a clue, probably used the same fucking sample for the interlude.”

From the looks of it, 2013 is about to get sparkly as fuck, as Martin $ky prepares to drop a ridiculously cool video for his track, ‘Invitation’, peep the preview below and stay tuned.


Watch the video for Three To Get Ready and listen to Icy (Eye See) HERE

Photographer, Bryan Derballa's Best of 2012 Photo Slide Show

This is dope. The first time I watched this I was listening to nknwn’s ‘21’, which suits the video much better in my opinion. Nothing against Billy Corgan, just didn’t feel right. Feel free to put that shit on mute, and do the same. 

Lots of cool shots form various musical performances in 2012 in this video, as well as beaches, blood, rappers, sweat, fashion, and so much more. Here’s a list of everything in this highlight video:

Soda streaming, Rhianna ripping off Sandy, live Björk, doggy district, date with Dana and done, Neutral Milk Hotel is still alive, mild winter, Fashion Week for T, feeling too old at Die Antwoord, Incendies, Vice cover, first SXSW, Bonfire Session, Whole Foods raw bar, FADER Fortitude, half-million clicks and Mark II dies, ATX -> SF, Creators at Fort Mason, reconnecting with Micah, Guernville, Ying and Thalia, Goonies beach, 5D Mark III, X100, Olivia’s first birthday, The Idler Wheel, K-Swiss in Hollywood Hills, Palm Springs compound, fuck it dude life’s a risk, staying at Coachella for one song, Flore, green juice, red juice, home juice, Vic in Syria, Jacob on speed dial, Jill Lepore’s New Yorker articles, portfolio book for no one to see, Jansport support, Benny Gold collaboration, Indian Summer the lookbook, Moonrise Kindgom, LOOK3 No. 4, Econolodge crew, Champs, Toronto under the weather, summer camped, Annelise’s tent, Koston’s party on the roof, cousins in Philly, Mojo bails, Pop Etc, two-mile runs, House of Vans regular, A+J split, Ariel’s Wired, Christian Marclay’s Clock, Elias and Nikki are fairweather neighbors, night beaching at Tilden, Allen Ying always willing to drive, successfully avoid my 30th, Bnels to the rescue, Holiday Road, Hell Hole holy grail, one more wisdom tooth gone, two to go, Dark Knight Rises along at 10am, celebrity portraits, Mom visits, brings roman candles, Paulie Gee’s, Ghost the Musical, Live Through This, vogue knight, Latex Ball, crying a little at Beasts of the Southern Wild, LES park, Retina come-up, Biba’s Bachelor adventure, Twisted Falls, Cameron makes the move, Risk podcasting, The Master in 70mm, smoothie perfection, Tool, Skenoto, backflips on the ropeswing, Jacob + Zoe, “In The Air Tonight”, photo booth in the woods, S/S 2013, David Blaine at Autumn Bowl, Electrified, working alongside Belleme, fuck ATT, iPhone 5 with no line, Josh + Amy, capture the flag, no-mile runs, haunted house, Fiona live, the endless cough, Callbox Halloween, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Cloud Atlas is everything and more, Superstorm Sandy, exploring, underestimating, understanding, sympathizing, WSJ front page, Teenage Angst, crowdsurfing, conversing with The RZA, Miss Mary Eveyln, Obama the sequel, Juxtapozing, FTW fashion, Palladium lookbook, Domino Sugar factory, stepbrothers with Cameron, Humboldt Hollow dissolves, Jacoby bails, Flatbush Zombies in Flatbush, Thanksgiving for 50, singing ballads, J. Crew, homies with Jenna, London, finally meeting Erin in Ireland, Cliffs of Moher, traditional Irish music, Jansport x Benny Gold round 2, California Coast, Smashing Pumpkins at Barclays, gun control, Perks of Being a Wallflower was better than expected, Coney Island on Christmas Eve, polar plunge, memorable holidays, hard driving me crazy, New Years at the lake in the snow, New Years at the motel.

(via Fecal Face)

White Collar Boy Another Way (Video)

I was lucky enough to catch the end of White Collar Boy’s live set when I was in Dublin, and I have to say, there is no doubt these guys are on my list of acts to watch in 2013.

The duo are creating fantastic multimedia experiments that explore the connection between music and light, darkness and sound and the use of pulsing imagery to create more than just a images on a screen. They have this slight new wave element to their sound that reminds me of Depeche Mode or something off Minimal Waves, but much smoother and with a heavier electronic hand. Great stuff.

White Collar boy have upcoming live shows in Dublin, Berlin and Italy, get all the details from their website.

Laura Mvula She (Video)

Love this. 

Teen Mom I Wanna Go Out (Video)

Premiered this awesome video on The Line of Best Fit today. 

Universal truths spill out onto the screen in Teen Mom’s video for their reverb-cushioned take on fuzzy-lipped guitar rock. Missed opportunities at looking cool materialise in the form of adrenaline pumping guitar riffs, drowned out, distorted vocals and soothing melodies, all pleading a singular demand… “I wanna go out.”

It’s a shoegazers take on beachy, garage rock at the first, best party you’ve ever been to.

Get Teen Mom’s limited edition Mean Tom 12” EP on vinyl in black or coke bottle clear, dropping Nov 27th, via Analog Edition.

Zodiac Come (feat. Jesse Boykins III) (Video)

Favorite (blatant) sex song of 2012. Obsessed is an understatement. Now for the video. One word, skin. Even if you hate it, the song is too good not to play a few more times. 

If you haven’t already picked up Zodiac’s five-track RnB masterpiece, get it now via Jacques Greene’s ∀ASE.

DIANA New House (Live @ Mercury Lounge, CMJ 2012)

For far too much of my 2012 CMJ experience, I was stuck in a hellish hip hop phantasmagoria that involved me undressing rappers on stage, drinking free booze while watching rappers perform, or just being overall disappointed with the quality of the rap performances at the fest in general. When I wasn’t drinking that dirty ass, generic brand of rap kool-aid, I managed to catch a few acts garnering some serious love from the online music community that were not terrible. One of the bands that turned out to be fantastic was DIANA. I kind of skipped over their recordings floating around on the netz because they reminded me too much of Pure Bathing Culture. DIANA’s live show however, sold me on their brand of lackadaisical disco, awash with sultry pop ballads, synthesizer grooves and super smooth guitar riffs, that fade in and out of focus giving their sound this organic vintage feel. Kind of like that shoe-gazey, chilled-out sexbeats vibe that exploded in 2010/11 with bands like Washed Out/Small Black, and Toro y Moi and even Puro Instinct with their glammy, reverbed, Ariel Pink making cameos in their videos feel, but remove all the hipster and replace it with undeniable musical talent and just the right amount of disco-soul, and you get DIANA. 

Actually fuck whatever i just said, DIANA sounds like the band Body Language got high on a lot more than just weed and decided to take a GAYNGS approach to their sound. I think the next craze is to chase the 70’s disco, fade to vintage-sounding, 80’s-synth pop dragon until you figure out how to make it your own. Congratulations to DIANA for figuring it out before everyone else. 

This is one of their tracks not floating around on the netz. DIANA’s recordings do not do them justice, so thanks to iwaseasymeat for capturing DIANA in all their hazy, shimmering, but not-on-the-internet-yet glory.

Forest Family Recs are dropping DIANA’s 12” single “Born Again” on limited vinyl so stay tuned.